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Georgia life insurance Coverage

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Life Insurance in Georgia

Unlike most types of insurance, life insurance is not designed to protect the policyholder. Life insurance is designed to protect the financial interests of the dependents and loved ones of the policyholder. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. At Insurance Pro Group, Inc., we offer life insurance packages to make sure your loved ones are taken care of in case something happens to you.

State Requirements

As Georgia residents, we understand the state’s life insurance requirements and regulations. We are willing and able to help you unravel these sometimes complicated rules. The following are some essential regulations enforced in Georgia:

  • Any person can be named a beneficiary of your life insurance
  • You can have the death benefit paid in incremental sums instead of all at one time
  • State law allows a grace period of 10 days for you to return a policy for a full refund

For more information regarding the state’s case-specific regulations, contact us at 678-335-5747 or visit us at our office in Suwanee, GA.

Types of Insurance

Whole life and term life insurance are the two main types of life insurance plans. There are, though, more specific plans available. These two common plans differ in a few fundamental ways. Term life insurance generally includes these provisions:

  • Pays the death benefit if death occurs within the term of the policy
  • Depending on whether the carrier purchased a level term or a decreasing term policy, the death benefit either stays the same throughout the policy or decreases

Whole life insurance differs in the following ways:

  • Pays the death benefit no matter the time of death, as long as it is after the purchase of the policy
  • Certain plans may offer a savings account

Individual policies often vary regarding provisions and benefits. To learn more, contact Insurance Pro Group, Inc. at 678-335-5747 or visit our office in Suwanee, GA.


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