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Georgia investment properties Coverage

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Investment Properties in Georgia

Investors and landlords in Suwanee, GA should have sound insurance for their property investments. We can help you find the exact coverage you need to protect your land investments and property in Georgia. We offer three main types of investment property insurance.

Vacant Property

General homeowners policies usually won’t cover vacant property, which is why having a specific vacant property insurance policy is essential when you have this type of structure. Since no one lives on the property, there are numerous risks associated with these areas. It’s important to have coverage for everything that could go wrong, including fires, vandalism, animal damage, and more.

Remodeling Property

Whether it’s your home or a home that you plan to rent, having remodeling property insurance when you’re renovating a property is essential. In rare cases, homeowners insurance plans may cover renovations, but it is more often the case that separate remodeling insurance needs to be obtained before you begin your project. You can protect yourself if catastrophic damage occurs or someone is injured on the job. Before starting your project, make sure to speak with one of our agents to find a renovations policy that fits your needs.

Rental Property

Landlords who regularly rent a property or vacation location must have rental property insurance to protect them from financial loss and possible lawsuits. When temporary renters stay on your property, there are numerous ways in which they might damage it.

Natural occurrences, such as lightning, fire, hail, strong winds, or hurricanes may also damage your rental property in unexpected ways. Finally, you should have liability insurance to protect yourself if a renter or someone else is injured on your property.

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If you are a Suwanee, GA investor or landlord who would like to discuss your options for obtaining property insurance in one of these areas, please don’t hesitate to contact Insurance Pro Group, Inc. You can reach us by phone or stop by our Georgia location to learn more.


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