Auto Insurance Basics

When you purchase auto insurance, you might get tempted to only purchase the state minimums, especially if you do not know what each of the means. This blog from 
Insurance Pro Group Inc. of Suwanee, GA explains the types of auto insurance and what each covers, so you know what PIP, collision, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured driver coverages provide.

Typically, you have the option to purchase seven types of auto insurance coverage. You can add any combination of these six to a single policy to protect your vehicle. 

Your liability coverage pays for damages to other parties when you are at fault. All states require this, so if you drive beyond Georgia’s borders, you still need this coverage. This coverage applies whether you drive your own vehicle or one owned by someone else as long as you have their permission.

Property Damage Liability
When you are at fault in an accident, property damage liability pays for the damage you caused to someone else’s property. States also require this. It may carry a deductible.

Bodily Injury Liability
Bodily injury liability covers the medical costs related to injuries suffered by other parties in an accident in which you’ve found at fault. It reimburses or pays for the other individual’s medical bills, physical therapy, occupational rehabilitation, lost wages, attorney and court costs, funeral expenses, and pain and suffering.

When you hit something such as a deer or a cow, comprehensive covers the damages. It also covers weather damage like that caused by earthquake, fire, flood, hail, hurricanes, and tornadoes. If your vehicle gets stolen or vandalized.

Collision coverage pays for repairs when your vehicle collides with another stationary object. That might be a parked vehicle, building, fence or guardrail, etc. Some policies include potholes. This pays to replace your car at its current value if it gets totaled.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
Think of Personal Injury Protection as no-fault coverage. It covers what bodily injury liability coverage does not and it provides coverage for you, your designated driver and your passengers.

Uninsured/Underinsured Driver Coverage
Uninsured driver coverage pays for your damages and medical costs if your vehicle gets hit by another driver who does not have insurance or has too little insurance to completely cover your loss. It pays for medical expenses, property damage and lost wages. It sometimes covers car rental while you wait for your insurance payment.

Come by and see us at Insurance Pro Group Inc. of Suwanee, GA to discuss your auto insurance needs. We can help you determine what coverages best suit your needs.

It’s time to look into comprehensive commercial insurance to protect your inventory

Owning your own business is more than a full-time job and requires protection that comprehensive insurance policy can provide. If you are seeking protection for your business including your inventory, it’s time to review your commercial policy. Business owners in the greater Suwanee, GA area have come to rely on the team at the Insurance Pro Group, Inc. to help them establish the insurance portfolio that covers all of their commercial needs. 

Make sure your coverage meets your inventory protection needs

When you first chose your commercial insurance policy, you may have been just starting out in your business. As your firm grows, your coverage will need to grow along with you. Inventory levels can ebb and flow throughout the month or can vary depending on the time of year. If your inventory is at various levels during the year, make sure that you have protection in place to cover the highest level of stock on-hand. You cannot average the annual inventory to determine your coverage level. You need to have the protection that will cover the highest amount of product that you will have on hand at any given time. Don’t make this costly mistake! 

We recommend that business owners have their commercial insurance policies reviewed regularly to ensure that the proper level of coverage is in place to protect the business in the event of loss or damage to your commercial property.

Is it time for a comprehensive review of your commercial insurance policy? Make sure that you have the coverage that you need to protect your inventory and other business assets. If you are in the greater Suwanee, GA area, call the team at Insurance Pro Group, Inc. today to schedule your consultation.

Are There any Changes in 2019 to Georgia Auto Insurance?

As the year is wrapping up, we want to remind you about the importance of insurance to protect both you, your property, and family. At Insurance Pro Group, Inc., we stay up to date on all the changes in the insurance industry to keep you covered in all situations. We serve Suwanee, GA and the surrounding areas with insurance coverage for all parts of life. We want to help protect what is important to you on the road and off, so call today to make sure your insurance coverage is up to date in all aspects of your life. 

Georgia Auto Insurance in 2019

The good news is that after the auto insurance rate hike in 2016, not too much has changed when it comes to auto insurance rates or laws in Georgia for 2019. To refresh your state-mandated requirements, you must have liability at these minimum coverage amounts: Bodily injury at $25,000 per person, and $50,000 for multiple people in an accident with Property damage liability at $25,000 for one incident. You have the option under Georgia law if you want to add collision, comprehensive, medical, funeral, uninsured drivers, or rental insurance. However, your finance company may require more than the Georgia minimum.  

Contact us at Insurance Pro Group, Inc. for more information about your 2019 Georgia auto insurance. We proudly serve Suwanee, GA and the surrounding areas with quality insurance. Keep in mind that the lack of changes in 2019 can be seen as a good thing as it means that there are no state-mandated increases in premiums as of yet. 

Beyond Liability: The Importance of Full Auto Insurance

Since we began serving Suwanee, GA, we’ve noticed that many people only choose the bare minimum liability insurance for their vehicles. We, at Insurance Pro Group, Inc., feel it’s important to address the other options available to you. We hope by the end of this post our readers will understand why a fuller policy is the better investment!

What is full auto insurance?

In short, full auto insurance is a package of policies designed to protect you and your vehicle from common hazards. This usually includes protections for liability, collisions, and comprehensive coverage for incidents that are not the direct result of an accident.

  • Liability – Coverage for damage and bodily injury to others in an accident you caused. It does not cover damage or injury to yourself or your vehicle. This is barest minimum coverage required by the state.
  • Collision – Coverage for repairs or replacement of your vehicle after an accident. This usually covers incidents of running into another car, running into objects, or rolling the vehicle. 
  • Comprehensive – Coverage for damaging incidents that are not the direct result of a collision or accident. This can include fire damage, vandalism, theft, falling objects, or natural disasters. 

Why is full auto insurance important?

While a basic liability policy will allow you to drive legally, it can’t protect your assets after an accident. Should you, unfortunately, cause an accident, liability coverage will only cover the expenses of the person you crash into. This means that all damages to your vehicle will have to be paid out of your pocket. These costs can quickly pile up and may make it impossible for you to fix your vehicle.

If you’re a driver in the Suwanee, GA area, allow Insurance Pro Group, Inc. to find you a full auto insurance package to keep you on the road!

Auto Insurance for Multiple Drivers

As is the case in the majority of states in the US, motorists are required to meet the minimum level of auto insurance requirements in Georgia. Failure to adhere this requirement attracts punishment that may range from a simple fine to a possible jail term. If you happen to be looking for auto insurance coverage in the Peach State, Insurance Pro Group, Inc. in Suwanee, GA has you covered. We offer a wide range of policies that are tailored to cater to the unique needs of our customers.

What If There Are More Than One Drivers?

But what happens when the car you are looking to insure has multiple drivers? Well, no need to worry. We can still customize the policy to include the person(s) you want to be covered under the policy, whether they’re a family member or not. There are two ways to go about that:

  • Members of the Same Household – Typically, an auto insurance policy covers all the drivers in a household (members of the family) unless the said individual(s) are excluded from the policy. Most insurance providers require that all related drivers in a household are covered under the same policy. 
  • Named Drivers – Persons who are not members of the family or do not live in the same household with the policyholder can still be covered in the policy. This means that friends, colleagues, employees, and any other person or persons who use the car on a regular basis can be added to the policy as a named driver. 

Always reveal all the required information when purchasing car insurance. All available auto insurance options including auto liability coverage, underinsured/uninsured driver protection, collision or comprehensive coverage, and medical payments are available for policyholders with multiple drivers on their policies. For information on how to purchase car insurance for multiple drivers from Insurance Pro Group, Inc. in Suwanee, GA, give us a call and speak to one of our agents or visit our offices.

What You Should Know About At-Fault Insurance in Georgia

The At-Fault State of Georgia

If you’ve recently moved to Georgia or are just now starting to drive here, then you should know that Georgia is an "at-fault" state, different from no-fault states.

Here’s what that means:

If you get into an accident in a no-fault state, there’s no need to go to a civil claims court or argue with the other driver about whose fault it was or anything of the sort. If you’re using Insurance Pro Group, Inc., for instance, you’d just give your insurer a call and they’d handle your damages, and the other driver’s insurer would handle their damages.

That’s what happens in a no-fault state. Some people disagree with this solution because it means that you can drive like an idiot and it’ll be the other guy’s problem. But, it does clear up the congested courts and keeps things simple.

Now, in Suwanee, GA, you’re going to go the conventional route of trying to figure out whose fault it is. This means there are extra steps, you might have to spend an afternoon in court when you’d rather chill out on the couch watching TV, but on the upside, if an accident isn’t your fault, you’re not going to have to worry about the insurance costs and premiums.

If you’re still looking for coverage or if you’re getting tired of your current provider and are looking to make a switch to another insurer, then you may want to consider giving Insurance Pro Group, Inc. a call. We can help to connect you to the plan you need whether you’re new to Suwanee, GA or you’ve been driving here for years.

What Defines a High Risk Driver?

If you pay for an auto insurance policy, you may observe that your premiums go up and down over time. While numerous factors can be responsible for this, most evidently your profile as a driver will assist insurance companies to determine your level of risk as a liability to them.

If you are identified as a “high risk” driver in Georgia, your insurance premiums are probably more expensive than other drivers. The insurer refers to your profile as an indicator of safe and responsible driving. The more they have to cover for damaged property and medical bills, the more you will pay for your auto insurance.
Below are some of the reasons you may be labeled a high-risk driver:


  • A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs in Georgia will cost you significant amounts of money in fines and penalties. In most states, your DUI conviction sticks with you for a period no less than three years. You can expect to remain classified as a high-risk driver until your driving record is clean.

Serious Accidents

  • Any accident involving an injury or a certain amount of property damage is regarded as a serious accident. For this reason, many insurance companies in Suwanee, Georgia may subsequently portray you as high risk.

Driving Record

  • If your driving record is full of traffic violations and accidents, you qualify as a high-risk driver and therefore face considerably higher car insurance rates. Car insurance companies are generally interested in information from the last five years or more.

New Drivers

  • Due to their lack of experience and car insurance history, new drivers are considered high-risk drivers. Before you renew your high-risk insurance, reach out to Insurance Pro Group, Inc. in Suwanee, GA and review your current policy.

As a high-risk driver, the best way to see a reduction in rates is to strive towards a clean driving record. In the meantime, Insurance Pro Group, Inc. in Suwanee, GA can get you back on the road. Talk with our agents to learn how to start or review an auto policy. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes on auto insurance from home.



What is covered by an auto insurance policy?

No matter how careful and experienced you are in driving, you need to have an insurance policy. You can never tell what will happen on the road and it is smart to take a policy that protects you in the case of an accident or injury you cause to third parties.

At Insurance Pro Group, Inc., we are dedicated to serving our customers to the best of our ability. We know it is hard to understand insurance terms and that is why we have employees that are friendly and trained to guide you through your needs. If you decide to take an auto insurance policy, below are some of the coverage options you can choose:

Collision coverage

A collision coverage protects you in case you hit another vehicle or any fixed object such as telephone pole, lamp post, or guardrail among others. With this coverage, any damage to your car is paid.

Liability coverage

There are two types of liability coverage. One covers bodily injury while the other covers personal property. So, if you kill or injure a person, this coverage can protect you. Also, if someone sues you for property damage, we can cover some of the court fees.

Comprehensive damage

A comprehensive coverage protects you from risks other than a collision. For example, losses from theft, hailstorms, riots, fire, and weather incidents among others.

Medical payments

If you or your passengers become injured in your vehicle, a medical payments coverage can pay for all your medical bills. Also, depending on your policy, there is coverage if you are injured by another vehicle while walking.

If you are in Suwanee, GA, Insurance Pro Group, Inc. is here to guide you. Feel free to contact us for more information. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes on home and auto insurance.