Elective Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance is something that every state requires drivers to carry, though the minimum coverage requirements differ from state to state. Elective coverage options are usually only considered when forced, most often by an auto lender covering the loan that is paying for the car. However, there is a lot of protection that may be ideal even if you fully own the car and it is not brand new. Insurance Pro Group Inc., serving the Duluth, GA area, can cover you on when you should be protected by more than the minimum.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

The state of Georgia does not require under-/uninsured motorist coverage in the minimums. This means that if someone hits you who does not have insurance, you are at the mercy of their ability and willingness to pay in order to be compensated for the accident (even with a court order, the ability to pay may still be a problem). Unless you have the money to fully repair or replace your car, it may be worth adding this policy.

Medical Payments

State minimum coverage pays for the medical expenses of the passengers of the car you hit but does not cover yourself or your passengers. The smallest accident could result in injury, and many doctors only treat with payment upfront if you do not have great medical insurance.


Comprehensive policies cover replacing stolen vehicles or repairing damage from weather or vandalism. This is a nice policy to protect you from things beyond your own control.

Auto insurance can lead to having unique needs for each person’s situation. Contact the professionals at Insurance Pro Group Inc., serving the Duluth, GA area, to see if adding one or more of these to your minimum policy will keep you better protected.