Do I stll need home insurance if I don’t have a mortgage?

Owning a home gives you a lot of security and a lot of stress. So many things can go wrong and all of them are expensive. Sometimes it may seem that having to pay for home insurance is just one thing too many. When you have a mortgage, your lender requires that you have home insurance to protect their investment. But once you pay off the mortgage, it may be tempting to let the insurance lapse and save the money you were paying for your premium. Before you make such an important decision why not talk to the experts at Insurance Pro Group Inc. of Suwanee, GA and go over all the options.

Home insurance protects your investment in your future. Life is full of uncertainty and things can happen that would destroy the value of your home. Consider the results of a lightning strike on your home. A fire might start that has the potential to turn your home into a pile of rubble in minutes. If you have home insurance, you will have the money to rebuild and to replace the contents of your home. If you choose to let your home go without coverage, you may have not only lost your home temporarily, you will have lost it forever.

The amount of money that you pay for a premium will seem small compared to the replacement cost of your home, furnishing, clothes and mementos. Even if you can afford to rebuild, your savings will have taken a severe hit.

Your home insurance also has liability insurance that protects you against legal action against you should someone be hurt on your property or off your property by a family member or pet. Being sued can be very costly and without insurance, you will be personally responsible for all the costs as well as any judgment against you.

Home insurance is something that protects you in so many ways that it is worth the cost. Why not stop by and talk to the agents at Insurance Pro Group Inc. in Suwanee, GA. They can help you find the protection you need at a price you can live with.