Auto Insurance for Multiple Drivers

As is the case in the majority of states in the US, motorists are required to meet the minimum level of auto insurance requirements in Georgia. Failure to adhere this requirement attracts punishment that may range from a simple fine to a possible jail term. If you happen to be looking for auto insurance coverage in the Peach State, Insurance Pro Group, Inc. in Suwanee, GA has you covered. We offer a wide range of policies that are tailored to cater to the unique needs of our customers.

What If There Are More Than One Drivers?

But what happens when the car you are looking to insure has multiple drivers? Well, no need to worry. We can still customize the policy to include the person(s) you want to be covered under the policy, whether they’re a family member or not. There are two ways to go about that:

  • Members of the Same Household – Typically, an auto insurance policy covers all the drivers in a household (members of the family) unless the said individual(s) are excluded from the policy. Most insurance providers require that all related drivers in a household are covered under the same policy. 
  • Named Drivers – Persons who are not members of the family or do not live in the same household with the policyholder can still be covered in the policy. This means that friends, colleagues, employees, and any other person or persons who use the car on a regular basis can be added to the policy as a named driver. 

Always reveal all the required information when purchasing car insurance. All available auto insurance options including auto liability coverage, underinsured/uninsured driver protection, collision or comprehensive coverage, and medical payments are available for policyholders with multiple drivers on their policies. For information on how to purchase car insurance for multiple drivers from Insurance Pro Group, Inc. in Suwanee, GA, give us a call and speak to one of our agents or visit our offices.