Filing a Life Insurance Claim in the State of Georgia

Once a death certificate has been issued to someone who is listed on a life insurance policy, you can file a claim with the insurance company. And once it has been filed, they have 30 days to pay the death benefit. If they fail to do so, you’ll be able to collect interest on the amount until it has been paid.

What You Can Do If a Claim Has Been Denied

Once you file a life insurance claim, they can always deny it, and there may be many reasons why. Life insurance companies make their money off the paid premiums, and they survive by making sure that this amount exceeds what’s being paid out in claims. So, they carefully examine each one to make sure they don’t fall victim to someone who’s trying to commit fraud.

An insurance company may go out of business, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t get paid the death benefit. Every life insurance policy in the state is backed up by the Georgia Life and Health Guaranty Association, so you’ll get paid on a claim even if the insurance company goes out of business. But the guarantee is limited to $300,000 for each individual, even if the deceased had more than one policy.

A Professional Life Insurance Provider in Suwanee, GA

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