Filing a Life Insurance Claim in the State of Georgia

Once a death certificate has been issued to someone who is listed on a life insurance policy, you can file a claim with the insurance company. And once it has been filed, they have 30 days to pay the death benefit. If they fail to do so, you’ll be able to collect interest on the amount until it has been paid.

What You Can Do If a Claim Has Been Denied

Once you file a life insurance claim, they can always deny it, and there may be many reasons why. Life insurance companies make their money off the paid premiums, and they survive by making sure that this amount exceeds what’s being paid out in claims. So, they carefully examine each one to make sure they don’t fall victim to someone who’s trying to commit fraud.

An insurance company may go out of business, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t get paid the death benefit. Every life insurance policy in the state is backed up by the Georgia Life and Health Guaranty Association, so you’ll get paid on a claim even if the insurance company goes out of business. But the guarantee is limited to $300,000 for each individual, even if the deceased had more than one policy.

A Professional Life Insurance Provider in Suwanee, GA

If you want to work with a life insurance provider that’s both experienced and professional, the Insurance Pro Group, Inc. in Suwanee, GA has a team of people that can help you find a policy that will make sure that your family is secure if you should ever pass away. We have expert agents who can assist you with all your insurance needs, and we can help you find a policy that you can afford. If you want to find out how we can help you, please contact the office of the Insurance Pro Group, Inc. today!

What You Should Know About At-Fault Insurance in Georgia

The At-Fault State of Georgia

If you’ve recently moved to Georgia or are just now starting to drive here, then you should know that Georgia is an "at-fault" state, different from no-fault states.

Here’s what that means:

If you get into an accident in a no-fault state, there’s no need to go to a civil claims court or argue with the other driver about whose fault it was or anything of the sort. If you’re using Insurance Pro Group, Inc., for instance, you’d just give your insurer a call and they’d handle your damages, and the other driver’s insurer would handle their damages.

That’s what happens in a no-fault state. Some people disagree with this solution because it means that you can drive like an idiot and it’ll be the other guy’s problem. But, it does clear up the congested courts and keeps things simple.

Now, in Suwanee, GA, you’re going to go the conventional route of trying to figure out whose fault it is. This means there are extra steps, you might have to spend an afternoon in court when you’d rather chill out on the couch watching TV, but on the upside, if an accident isn’t your fault, you’re not going to have to worry about the insurance costs and premiums.

If you’re still looking for coverage or if you’re getting tired of your current provider and are looking to make a switch to another insurer, then you may want to consider giving Insurance Pro Group, Inc. a call. We can help to connect you to the plan you need whether you’re new to Suwanee, GA or you’ve been driving here for years.

Types of businesses that would benefit from commercial insurance

Most business owners, in general, would benefit from having multiple commercial insurance plans backing them up. Keep in mind that most states will require you to have had a minimal amount of liability insurance to cover your employees. To get an idea of which commercial plans that your business will need, please consult with Insurance Pro Group, Inc. if you are in the Suwanee, GA area.


Since kitchens have flames, slippery floors, and lots of raw meat, you know that this sort of business can be on the edge of disaster. Having insurance policies to cover fire damage as well as employee or customer injuries should be essential.


There is a lot of hands-on work and heavy equipment involved, meaning that severe accidents may happen. Liability insurance is a must for accidents on the job or potential lawsuits. Bulk car insurance policies are also needed for all of the company’s vehicles that are being operated by employees.


Manufacturing may involve lots of heavy equipment, moving machines, conveyor belts, and sometimes volatile chemicals. Safety precautions are always taken, but disasters may happen, which may result in injuries or expensive damage done to equipment. Liability insurance for injuries, as well as product recall insurance, should be considered. Vehicles involved with the operation would also need to be covered by commercial auto insurance.

Keep in mind that you should only get the insurance policies that you need for your business to minimize the costs. If you are searching for reliable insurance bundles in Suwanee, GA, you may want to check out Insurance Pro Group, Inc. to get started.

Should you cash in your life insurance policy?

Insurance Pro Group, Inc. serves the residents of Suwanee, GA and many of the surrounding communities. We offer a comprehensive selection of life insurance policies. The type of insurance policy you choose will be determined by several factors, one of which is financial stability. With certain types of policies, you have the option to take a loan on the policy, or if it’s matured, you can cash it in. 

Permanent and Whole Life Insurance Policies

Permanent and whole life insurance policies are the only two types of insurance that allow you to pull from the equity that has been established. Once the policies have reached maturity, they can also be cashed in. Whole life insurance is an excellent way to save money. If the plan is purchased while you are in your 20s and 30s, you may have an impressive windfall by the time you reach your 60’s.

Drawbacks of Cashing Your Policy In Early

The money paid into life insurance policies is tax exempt, which means the equity of the coverage can become extremely valuable if left in the account for several years. You can borrow against the equity or cash out the policy if it has reached maturity. The problem with cashing out the plan is that once the money is returned to you, it’s no longer tax exempt and you will be required to pay a capital gains tax on the proceeds.

In Suwanee, GA, the agents of Insurance Pro Group, Inc. offer sound information to their clients who have life insurance policies and are considering the option of cashing them in. Call the agents today if you have any questions about your existing policy or are interested in taking a loan against its equity. We will be able to provide you with the answers you need to make an informed decision. 

What Defines a High Risk Driver?

If you pay for an auto insurance policy, you may observe that your premiums go up and down over time. While numerous factors can be responsible for this, most evidently your profile as a driver will assist insurance companies to determine your level of risk as a liability to them.

If you are identified as a “high risk” driver in Georgia, your insurance premiums are probably more expensive than other drivers. The insurer refers to your profile as an indicator of safe and responsible driving. The more they have to cover for damaged property and medical bills, the more you will pay for your auto insurance.
Below are some of the reasons you may be labeled a high-risk driver:


  • A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs in Georgia will cost you significant amounts of money in fines and penalties. In most states, your DUI conviction sticks with you for a period no less than three years. You can expect to remain classified as a high-risk driver until your driving record is clean.

Serious Accidents

  • Any accident involving an injury or a certain amount of property damage is regarded as a serious accident. For this reason, many insurance companies in Suwanee, Georgia may subsequently portray you as high risk.

Driving Record

  • If your driving record is full of traffic violations and accidents, you qualify as a high-risk driver and therefore face considerably higher car insurance rates. Car insurance companies are generally interested in information from the last five years or more.

New Drivers

  • Due to their lack of experience and car insurance history, new drivers are considered high-risk drivers. Before you renew your high-risk insurance, reach out to Insurance Pro Group, Inc. in Suwanee, GA and review your current policy.

As a high-risk driver, the best way to see a reduction in rates is to strive towards a clean driving record. In the meantime, Insurance Pro Group, Inc. in Suwanee, GA can get you back on the road. Talk with our agents to learn how to start or review an auto policy. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes on auto insurance from home.



What is covered by an auto insurance policy?

No matter how careful and experienced you are in driving, you need to have an insurance policy. You can never tell what will happen on the road and it is smart to take a policy that protects you in the case of an accident or injury you cause to third parties.

At Insurance Pro Group, Inc., we are dedicated to serving our customers to the best of our ability. We know it is hard to understand insurance terms and that is why we have employees that are friendly and trained to guide you through your needs. If you decide to take an auto insurance policy, below are some of the coverage options you can choose:

Collision coverage

A collision coverage protects you in case you hit another vehicle or any fixed object such as telephone pole, lamp post, or guardrail among others. With this coverage, any damage to your car is paid.

Liability coverage

There are two types of liability coverage. One covers bodily injury while the other covers personal property. So, if you kill or injure a person, this coverage can protect you. Also, if someone sues you for property damage, we can cover some of the court fees.

Comprehensive damage

A comprehensive coverage protects you from risks other than a collision. For example, losses from theft, hailstorms, riots, fire, and weather incidents among others.

Medical payments

If you or your passengers become injured in your vehicle, a medical payments coverage can pay for all your medical bills. Also, depending on your policy, there is coverage if you are injured by another vehicle while walking.

If you are in Suwanee, GA, Insurance Pro Group, Inc. is here to guide you. Feel free to contact us for more information. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes on home and auto insurance.



Homeowner Policy Options That are Worth the Extra

A general homeowner’s insurance policy will provide you with much of the coverage you will need in the event of a claim, but some events may not be covered under a standard policy or may not be enough to cover the loss. At Insurance Pro Group, Inc. in Suwanee, GA, we know the importance of insuring your home and belongings against all types of risk. Listed below are three optional coverages to add to your homeowner’s policy that is worth the cost.

Additional Jewelry Coverage

While homeowners’ policies cover the loss or theft of jewelry, the limit is often lower than the value. Theft coverage for jewelry in a standard policy will only cover between $1500 and $2000. This may not even be enough cost to cover one item of jewelry such as an engagement ring, let alone an entire collection. There is optional coverage to add to your policy that includes a higher amount of jewelry coverage. If you have any valuable pieces or a large amount of jewelry, this option would be worth the investment.

Sewage Backup Coverage

Sewage backup is a type of water damage that occurs when the sewage in the pipes backup up into your home through drains. When this occurs, you will not only have a significant amount of water damage but typically a health hazard as well. Sewer cleanups require specialists to help prevent mold and mildew and ensure that all of the areas are safe to reinhabit. A standard homeowner policy does not cover sewer backup, and costs for clean up can range from $2000 to $10,000 depending on how much damage occurred.

Actual Cash Value

When storms hit the Georgia area, your home may suffer significant harm due to high winds, heavy rains, or falling trees. If you experience a significant amount of damage, you may find yourself replacing some high ticket items in your home. When choosing your homeowner’s policy, you will have the option of opting for replacement value or upgrading your policy to cover actual value. When it comes time to replace high-cost items such as furniture, a replacement cost policy will only provide you with the current value of your particular item less the depreciated value. Unfortunately, this can leave you short on funds when it comes time to replace your damaged possessions. Receiving the actual value to replace the items will be less stressful for you and your wallet.

Preparing for the worst is important when it comes to homeowner’s insurance. If you find yourself without proper coverage or too little coverage when disaster hits, you could end up paying significant costs for repair. Protect your home and valuables by discussing your homeowner options and add-ons with an insurance agent today. If you would like to learn more about the options above or other additional homeowner protection, contact an agent at Insurance Pro Group, Inc. in Suwanee, GA today.